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Edited Volume reviewed

Mückenberger, Ulrich; Dingeldey, Irene (Ed.), 2022: Overcoming legal segmentation: Extending legal rules to all workers? Special Issue, 161 (4), Wiley Online Library, Link (Date: 21.11.2023)

Dingeldey, Irene; Holtrup, André; Warsewa, Günter (Ed.), 2015: Wandel der Governance der Erwerbsarbeit, Wiesbaden: Springer VS

Dingeldey, Irene; Rothgang, Heinz (Ed.), 2009: Governance of Welfare State Reform: A Cross National and Cross Sectional Com parison of Policy and Politics, Cheltenham/Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing

Edited Volume

Dingeldey, Irene; Grimshaw, Damian; Schulten, Thorsten (Ed.), 2021: Minimum Wage Regimes. Statutory Regulation, Collective Bargaining and Adequate Levels, New York / London: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, Link (Date: 21.09.2021)

Scherger, Simone; Abramowski, Ruth; Dingeldey, Irene; Hokema, Anna; Schäfer, Andrea (Ed.), 2021: Geschlechterungleichheiten in Arbeit, Wohlfahrtsstaat und Familie, Campus Wissenschaft (Reihe SOCIUM), Frankfurt: Campus Verlag, Download PDF

Journal Article reviewed

Dingeldey, Irene; Nussbaum Bitran, Ilana, 2023: The European Minimum Wage Directive – and why it is a challenge to trade unions’ but not employers’ unity, in: Economic and Industrial Democracy, doi:10.1177/0143831X231161840, Link (Date: 30.03.2023)

Pohlig, Matthias; Israel, Sabine; Dingeldey, Irene, 2022: Does the household context matter for job satisfaction among low-wage workers?, in: Economic and Industrial Democracy, 43 (3), pp. 1028 - 1058, 06.12.2020

Mückenberger, Ulrich; Dingeldey, Irene, 2022: Introduction: Worldwide patterns of legal segmentation in employment law, in: International Labour Review / Special Issue: Overcoming legal segmentation: Extending legal rules to all workers?, 161 (4), pp. 511 - 534, 23.12.2022, Link (Date: 24.01.2023)

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