Unikom, Room: 3380, Mary-Somerville-Straße 3, 28359 Bremen

Dipl. Sozialwissenschaftlerin Änne Hildebrandt
Lecture Series
International Conference at the Centre for Social Policy (ZeS)

12.00 Arrival and welcome with brunch

12.20 Introduction by Dorothea Voss Dahm (Hans-Böckler Stiftung)

I. Wage Dynamics in Germany

12.30 The family wage in historical perspective (Karin Gottschal)

13.30 Who receives ‘single earner wages’? Gender and Regional Findings (Tim Schröder/Andrea Schäfer)


II. Household Income in Comparison

15.15 Household income of standard employees in Germany (Irene Dingeldey) 16.15 Social Transfers and Income of Family Risk Groups in and out of Work (Thomas Bahle et al.)

Ca. 17.15 End

1st of November

III. How can we Define a new Living Wage?

9.00 Practice and strategies in the UK (Jill Rubery)

10.00 Experience in Denmark (Per Kongshoj Madsen)

11.00 Round Table: Learning from your neighbour? Problems and Political Strategies in Germany (Berndt Keller, Ute Klammer, Per Kongshoej Madsen, Eva Nadai, Jill Rubery, Jelle Visser)

12.00 Lunch

12.30 End of Workshop

Presentations are in general supposed to take half an hour plus half an hour for discussion