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Paradoxien der EU-Personenfreizügigkeit
Research Team: Christof Roos (Head of project); Martin Seeliger (Head of project)

Aufwertungsoptionen und -konflikte bei "systemrelevanten" Berufsgruppen
Research Team: Günter Warsewa (Head of project); Andreas Friemer

Evaluation of the children's and family centers in Bremen
Research Team: René Böhme (Head of project); Alexandra Hashem-Wangler

The new generalist nursing training in the state of Bremen:
Research Team: Peter Bleses (Head of project); Britta Busse; Cora Zenz

Student living in Bremen and Bremerhaven 2021
Research Team: Günter Warsewa (Head of project); Britta Busse; Laura Suarsana

Die Region Bremen - Herausforderungen der regionalen Verflechtung der Stadt Bremen mit seinem niedersächsischen Umland
Research Team: Guido Nischwitz (Head of project); Fiona Knieling; Maren Schwarz; Martin von Bestenbostel

Places and motives solidary actions in transnational industrial relations (SOHA)
Research Team: Philipp Gies (Head of project); Irene Dingeldey; Franziska Laudenbach; Ilana Nussbaum Bitran

Research Team: Andreas Friemer; André Holtrup

TraCS3 - Fostering Interregional Collaboration and Support for Innovation Infrastructure in S3 key priority areas through the Improvement of Regional Innovation Eco-systems
Research Team: Ana Córdoba; Willem Foorthuis; Esa Kokkonen; Lefevere Liesbet; Gabriela Macoveiu; Tina Schneider; Kestutis Setkus; Laura Suarsana

Deep Sea Mining - a new innovation cluster in Germany
Research Team: Tina Schneider (Head of project); Jochen Tholen

The latest 10 projectsMore can be found in the filter above.